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Since 2009, we've helped hundreds of local businesses with their website and digital marketing needs, including social mediasearch engine optimization and email marketing. Below you'll find case studies and video testimonials from some of our clients.


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I Have Gotten a Couple of Jobs Just Off Facebook That Pretty Much Paid for Everything Right Off the Bat

“Well, I saw that several major businesses had chosen BIS Designs and looked at their websites. I liked what I saw from their design and the way it was put together. I figured I'd give BIS Designs a shot and it worked out pretty well. I have gotten a couple of jobs just off Facebook that pretty much paid for everything right off the bat. So, it's worked out pretty good."

J.W. Baker at Coastal Home Improvements partnered with BIS Designs to manage his social media, website and SEO.

First class arms training

We Have Seen an Increase in Internet Traffic

“I answered one of your ads on the internet for the seminar you conducted downtown. I went to that and was impressed with the information it had and the personnel you had at the meeting. And, I decided to give it a try. We have seen an increase in internet traffic and also people walking through our front door. Well, increased cash flow results in less stress." 

Gary Mazingo at First Class Arms Training GunPort partnered with BIS Designs to manage his social media.

foley rv center

I Figured I Could Set Myself Apart

“In the RV business now, it’s primarily digital. People are looking for options online. I figured if I could set myself apart in some way and be able to professionally present myself on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, then it could help my business.”

Sean Crimmins at Foley RV Center partnered with BIS Designs to manage his social media.

Rolin Construction

"What stands out the most is their personability. When they came in, they were really professional, but at the same time, really approachable."

Rolin Construction Partnered with BIS Designs to develop a new website.

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The colony shop

"We chose BIS Designs because everyone was very personable! Everyone we've talked to through the learning process has worked well with's been easy!"

The Colony Shop reaches out-of-town customers with newly designed website

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Away at the bay

"I'm proud to say that our revenue has increased 12%!"

Glenda Gravlee, owner of Away at the Bay, already knew about BIS Designs and the work we produced. Really pleased with the website they had created for The Exceptional Foundation, Glenda already had it to on her to-do list to reach out to us, but one of our sales members beat her to the punch! One afternoon around sunset, we met Glenda and her husband, Joe, on the front porch of their inn to discuss their partnership with BIS Designs. From that point on, Glenda knew instantly why she shouldn’t go with another company to aid her marketing efforts. 

With their new user-friendly website and strategic social media marketing, Away at the Bay is able to depict the true beauty of their bed and breakfast to both tourists and locals which has resulted in direct sales. “I’m proud to say that our revenue has increased 12%,” stated Glenda. “I really attribute it to the web page and social media.”

Prior to hiring BIS Designs, Glenda had never worked with a web design and digital marketing firm. To her, it’s been an enlightening and positive experience. “I’m very pleased with the work they’ve been doing,” she said. “Now, I turn on my computer in the morning to see if there have been any online bookings and every morning there usually is.”

Sign Pro

"I'm #1 on Google in our market when you search for signs!"

Brian Vailes, owner of Sign Pro, was unhappy with his current website that Yellow Pages had designed for him. The website was old, out-dated and hard to update. On top of that, the Yellow Pages team was not helpful at all. When a BIS Designs sales representative stopped in to talk to him about his website, he knew it was time to move forward with a new site. "BIS Designs had a professional portfolio of websites they had designed previously," said Vailes. "All of the sites were clean and crisp."

Vailes' new website allows him to portray the professionalism of his business both locally and nationally. Since his site displays all of his company's work, it's given him an advantage over his competitors.

Before Vailes hired BIS Designs to manage his social channels, he was trying to do all of the work himself while running his business. Needless to say, it was unsuccessful. He stated, "I'm a lot less stressed now. I have more time on my hands to take care of my business." Now that BIS Designs is managing their social media, it's increased Sign Pro's online and social media presence and gotten their name out in the community.

old tyme feed

""We know that it's working! We know that people are finding us, some for the very first time.""

Cecil Christenberry, Owner of Old Tyme Feed, was fed up with his old, stale website. Not only did it lack color within the design, but it was also hard to navigate. He knew, after dealing with his website for years, that Old Tyme Feed was ready for a much-needed website renovation. So, when Jay Friday presented him with some ideas for a new website, Cecil was ready to begin his new partnership with BIS Designs. “We started a relationship that day,” said Cecil “and I don’t regret it one bit!”

With a completely renovated website by BIS Designs, Old Tyme Feed now has an online presence that’s fresh, fun and can easily be changed. Along with a design that mimics the store front and its easy navigation, the website has helped contribute to Old Tyme Feed’s fantastic Spring season as far as sales are concerned. “We know that it’s working!” stated Cecil. “We know they are finding us, some for the very first time.”

The mobile website alone has brought more customers to the store. When users visit Old Tyme Feed’s mobile website, they are presented with a coupon. “I’m surprised at how many people bring in that coupon,” said Cecil “It’s just amazing to see that happen.”

Gold Art Jewelers

"With the world-class support and quality of the product, it's well worth the extra money!"

“Before BIS Designs, we were using another web design company based overseas in India. Although they did offer a cheaper price, we were upset with our inability to update our site at our convenience as well as the communication barrier. BIS Designs is a great service provider that not only makes sure our website is working for us, but gives us the steps to make updating and understanding painless. With the world-class support and quality of the product, it’s well worth the extra money.”
-Russ Clarke, Gold Art Jewelers

Daniel's Sheet Metal

"At BIS Designs, i've been handled with great customer service!"

“We chose BIS Designs because of the quality that comes with their product. Although the previous company we used was cheaper and didn’t do that bad of a job, they only did it part time. You get part-time results with part-time people. At BIS Designs, I’ve been handled with great customer service and the results we are getting are way better than the previous company.” ”
-Tyler Tillman, President of Daniel's Sheet Metal

Michael Ross Jewelers

"I have seen an increase in sales as a direct result of our website with BIS Designs!"

Before making the decision to partner with BIS Designs, Michael Ross, owner of Michael Ross Jewelers, knew how important it was to choose a company that would share and understand his vision for his business. He wanted someone who could represent the image of what Michael Ross Jewelers is about through web design.

“I had a very specific vision for my business and how my customers viewed it,” said Michael “BIS Designs has gone above and beyond what I thought a digital marketing company would do to portray that same vision to my customers.”

Since outsourcing Michael Ross Jewelers’ social media to BIS Designs, Michael has seen the engagement on his social media channels increase by more than 200%. Not only does the consistent, informative posts keep Michael Ross Jewelers current and fresh in the eyes of the consumer, but it allows Michael more time to focus on running his business. “When I design a piece of jewelry for a client, they are showing a great deal of trust in me. I have that same trust in BIS Designs and their digital marketing specialists to manage my social channels,” stated Michael “What they’re doing is really working. By partnering with BIS Designs, we have seen an increase in sales as a direct result of our website and social media.”

Door-N-Gutter Pro

"Now that we are able to display our work on our website, we have a competitive advantage!"

“As owner of Door-N-Gutter Pro, the premier building supplies and installation company for garage doors and gutters, Ben Nelson needed to find a web design business that could create a great quality website to mirror the excellent service Door-N-Gutter Pro provides for its customers. After seeing BIS Designs’ past work, he knew BIS Designs was the company to produce a website that would put him above the competition. ”

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